Thermal Transfer Cryogenic Label – 2" x 1"  – core 1"

Thermal Transfer Cryogenic Label – 2" x 1" – core 1"

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Clear MetaliTAG™ - Cryogenic Thermal-Transfer Labels for Metal Racks

  • Core Size: 1 inch
  • Number of labels per roll: 1,000 labels/roll
  • Size: 2" x 1" / 50.8mm x 25.4mm
  • Temperature: From -196°C to +100°C

Cryogenic labels for identification of metal surfaces in liquid nitrogen, such as aluminum cryogenic vial canes, metal racks for cryo and freezer boxes, as well aluminum cassettes and metal sleeves. Specifically designed for identification inside Dewar-type liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C/-321°F) and lab freezers (-80°C/-112°F). These clear labels are made from a cryogenic material that has been approved for applying to stainless steel and aluminum with subsequent immersion and storage inside liquid phase or vapor phase liquid nitrogen. Their clear design makes them ideal for labeling tools and equipment with unique designs and logos.